Favorite Kids Toys – from classic to new

What are my favorite kids toys when growing up?  Will I make sure my kids (if I ever have any) play with the same toys that gave my so much joy?  Of course I will.

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Infared Remote Control Flying Saucer in Action

The newest toy to my collection, the cool UFO that lights up and buzzes around like a real unidentified flying object from outer space!

I got one of these on sale at Big 5 a few weeks ago, it’s pretty fun and the cat loves to chase it.  Yeah, I’m a big kid sometimes but this little glowing infared remote control flying saucer does wonders for releasing my stress and just having some mindless fun for a while.

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Star Wars Toys Commercial from Kenner 1977

Now hows this for vintage.   I had many of these toys in my collection, but did not have that R2-D2 remote control toy!  C-3PO is quite the salesman here.  Circa 1977, that is 33 years ago, what!  The Darth Vader action figure (with his lightsaber in his arm) was my most favorite toy and first to start my Stars Wars toy collection.  My brother got the Stormtrooper and we used to fight em in the pool and at dinner, my dad would get pissed.  😀

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The Paint is Still Wet

Got some good toy stories coming soon…  but now I need a nap!

Will also work on making a cool new header.  😉

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